3 Tips on How to Write Well for an Online Audience

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Looking to write for an online medium? These are 8 tips you can use now, to ensure your writing is engaging.

Keep it Simple

Always avoid flashy words. Instead, make your sentences short and simple. Try to limit one main point per sentence. Following this practice will ensure your readers understand your argument, quickly. Creating longer sentences often commands more effort from the reader and runs the risk of your main point being lost in the process.

Practice Your Writing

Create opportunities to write. Many great writers start by keeping a daily journal. Others craft thank-you notes and mail them to friends and family. Sending text messages also presents an opportunity to practice your writing. Writing can be an informal process, as long as you practice the skill.

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Writing every day is known to improve your focus, self-awareness, and decision-making.

Criticize Every Word

Yes, this last tip sounds brutal. However, one must keep in mind that great writers can also edit content well. After drafting your piece, analyze each word you wrote. Does your piece flow well? Are your words redundant? Was your point made succinctly? Examining each word objectively will help you write better.

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