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Great handbook; it gave me quick ideas to create a mini gallery in my hallway. I was intimated at the start since I know little about art. But I quickly learned from the handbook that art is for everyone. I’m now in the process of decorating my living room with modern and contemporary examples of art.

The handbook is a quick and practical read. It helped me pick out 3 abstract pieces, 2 for my living room and one for my bedroom. As the guide suggests, I choose the poster based on the vibe of each room. I also decorated my place for far less than I expected.

My wife and I loved this handbook. We just moved cities and wanted to decorate our new place together. After downloading this handbook, we did some window shopping and found 2 pieces that portray the vibe of our new place. It was far more fun and less expensive than I had first thought, exactly what the handbook preaches!


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